Using this blog

Purpose of the blog

There are two main purposes of this blog: (1) to continue classroom discussions and (2) to talk about ethically significant issues in current tech news.

I encourage you to link to external articles and blog posts (and to anything else that is relevant).  But don’t just link.  Indicate why what you’re linking to is important from an ethical standpoint.  Give an evaluation or offer a prescription.

If you need some ideas, check out the list of recommended sites.

Writing style

When commenting and posting, you should write in clear, complete sentences with proper punctuation. You should also take care to introduce your topic thoughtfully. And, from reading your post, it should be clear what is news and what is your commentary.

Correct use of hyperlinks

Your references to other pages should be hyperlinks. In other words, use the HTML <a> tag. Do not just paste the URL by itself into the post. 

Also, try to make your link text informative. Don’t put “click here” or the URL itself between <a> and </a>. Link exactly the words in a sentence that describe what you are linking to. For example, this sentence appropriately links to the W3C and to our Ethics and Computing blog.