Inventing on Principle

This is a fantastic lecture I ran into earlier today about the effects of ideas on the world we live. This is one of the best lectures I have ever seen and although the full lecture is about 50 minutes long it is absolutely worth it. The lecture starts by exploring new and revolutionary ways of interacting with code and computers in general and toward the end of the lecture dives into ethics and the idea of social change through invention and through ideas. Although it doesn’t directly relate to the things we are discussing in class  it does go into several important things like “living by a principle” and the idea that “ethic rights and wrongs are different at different points in time” specifically in regarding things like women rights and mode based software. In my opinion  this way of viewing code, and in general, this way of viewing ideas is absolutely revolutionary and in many ways a large step toward a day when humans and computers can interact seamlessly and a time when any good idea can become a reality.

Additionally, for anyone interested this is an IDE built on top of the principles of this lecture and directly relates to the post on Kickstarter earlier in the semester.

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