I Do Not Like Richard Stallman

I attended Richard Stallman’s guest lecture the other night, and I can honestly say that I definitely do not care for him as a person and I think his movement is far too radical, to the point that I think it can be considered an extremest movement.

I think what Richard Stallman is shooting for is a worthwhile goal, but his way of trying to get there is ridiculous. He cannot truly expect that I am going to quit using cellphones and delete my Facebook because they may invade my privacy a little and can be used to track me. In fact, I promote that. I hope they can use these technologies to track down the coward who blew up the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Without these technologies, it is possible that this shithead may get away with it. Once again, I promote free software, but I do not promote Richard Stallman’s way of getting there.

I also felt that everytime someone asked him a question or exclaimed a criticism he took it as an attack on his movement and in turn, behaved like an asshole. I think he had a very condescending tone toward all of us and behaved very unprofessionally. It’s like he felt so highly of himself and we were all just a bunch of idiots who needed to see that his way of doing things is the only way of doing things; in his eyes we have to change completely and he/his movement are perfect and there is no room for improvement.  In a way, I see him as a bit of a hypocrite. In the same way that Apple ropes in their users, Richard Stallman is trying to rope us into his. If we don’t see things his way we are “unethical” or “evil.” I think he bullies people into his movement with name-calling like that.

Also, here is a video of Stallman eating something off of his foot. It’s gross/funny, but when regular people see this I think it definitely turns them off to his movement and furthers the notion that he is a wacko. Free Software deserves a more professional and appealing leader  —

Skip to 1:52 for the foot-crud feast

^^If you are a Stallmanite I cannot recommend that you watch this video as it was recorded and released in a non-free format. For the rest of you, enjoy the show.

2 Responses to I Do Not Like Richard Stallman

  1. Zak Bainazarov

    Totally agree; he really takes it to the extreme.

    And great point at the end :). It’s too bad Stallman can’t watch that video.

  2. @ Zak Bainazarov Stallman was there so I don’t think he need to watch the video.

    Facebook invading your privacy and catching the Boston Marathon are two difference thing unless the people is stupid enough to post “Just blown up a bomb at the Boston Marathon” as a status update. (If you are going to track people) What about using free software in police department to track people instead of proprietary ones?

    Stallman isn’t a hypocrite considering he follow what he preaches, unless he has a copy of windows installed he isn’t telling us about and drinks coke while doing it.

    Free software isn’t an extremist movement nor is a lot of political stuff on Stallman website some of it a no brainer i.e fight censorship others views/actions may be a bit uncommon like “establish butterfly gardens” but not to the point I would call him an extremist. People have yet to kill people in the name of free software / GNU or the church of EMACs like in a lot of “non-extremist” religions.

    The Free Software movement does have other leader Stallman is in change because he started the free software movement. Personal I prefer the fun/unprofessional Richard Stallman to some guy in a suit spreading the message.

    The whole point of the lecture was to see Stallman way of doing things. He did admit the limit to the movement (at the hardware / firmware level). He does say everyone is entitled to their own opinion even if he disagreed with them.

    To add some ethics this is an example of Cultural relativism from his background (and my point of view) this isn’t extreme but the next logical step. From your point of view he is a radical. Which view is right this debate could go on forever? To add another complication, If AI becomes self-aware freedom 0 the right to run software anyway you like would be akin to slavery and a new software movement will probably form.