When I was doing research for my paper, I came across the Konomark mark on Museum of Intellectual Property website.

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Instead of using something like the Creative Commons, where you provide a set licenses for your work, the Konomark serves as a signal that you would be open to sharing if contacted but allow you to deny any requests. Making it a case by case version of the creative commons license instead of blanket sharing.

What is the konomark philosophy?

The konomark philosophy is that it’s often a good idea to share copyrighted content for free, even though there are many circumstances under which even extremely generous people understandably deny permission. For example, if someone wants to use your snapshot from your trip to London to illustrate a blog post, you’re probably fine with that. But if some high-end fashion magazine wanted to use your photo, you’d probably want them to pay you for it.

I wondered if anyone else has see this symbol before or any other versions of Creative Commons like projects with Intellectual property.

(This blog post is now “license” under Konomark. (C) 2013 Most Rights Sharable.)

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