XP upgrade/Discontinue of Support

Are you still running XP?

Well if you did not know, Windows will stop supporting windows XP starting from April the 8th. A little back ground on XP. XP started release to the public on October 25th, 2001. It was preceded by Windows 2000 and Windows ME. It was succeeded by Windows Vista. Due to Vista’s terrible public reception, Windows XP was still much liked and used more by the general public until Windows 7 was released.

Windows XP has been a very stable piece of OS for a lot of users for a long time. Even now a lot of Ohio State’s departments still use XP and a lot of companies uses XP. Now is it ethical and fair for Windows to say that they will stop supporting XP? These companies that uses XP might have to update their computers unwilling just because of the stoppage of support.

What if a person has important stored information on their XP computer, but suddenly next thing they know, they have viruses on their computer. What can they do? Maybe they can bring it into a computer shop to take a look at it, but what if It is so broken that the shop can’t fix it, only Windows can. Is it ethical for Windows to say: Well I’m sorry we don’t support XP anymore, your on your own.

What do you guys think?

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