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DMCA Has Pushed Its Limits

Recently CNET posted an article exclaiming that Congress may be looking into “defang”-ing DMCA law after a recent incident in which it has angered many members of the American public. According to the article, Congress declared that unlocking your cellphone to use it on another network other than the one you bought it from is illegal. This brought forth incredible opposition from many citizens, so much that a petition was created, got 100,000 signatures, and was received.  The White house is now obliged to respond as 100,000 signatures is the threshold to get the White House to review a petition. CNET believes that this may be the final straw with the DMCA as it goes to show how ridiculous some of the sections of the law are.


I personally find it outrageous that it is now illegal to unlock your phone. It is like buying a new car, and being told that if you drive your car with any brand of tire other than Goodyear, you are committing a felony. You own the car. You should have the right to do with it or modify it however you please. It’s one thing to say that the car manufacturer may void your warranty if you use parts not approved for use with your car, but it is outrageous that the government could consider you a felon and fine or jail you because you decided that you like Michelin tires better than Goodyear.


That is just my two cents. Let me know what you guys think.