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Why not to go within 100 miles of the border

Normally I am ok with sacrificing things for the name of national security. For instance im completely ok with x-ray screening at the air port. Or some extra checks where they look through my luggage. Or even my employer having my Facebook or twitter password. I have nothing to hide, especially nothing illegal to hide, but the newest hindrance to our freedoms walks very close to even my line. Now the Department of homeland Security has the power to take any and all of your electronics if you are within 100 miles of the border. They need no reason or warrant, if they want to take your shit, they can and they will. This article outlines how they acquired this power and some of the problems it has already caused.  This is a new way to ignore our 4th amendment rights and it has me troubled. While I still have nothing to hide, I also like to be left the hell alone. I wouldn’t mind showing the DHS my things if i had all the time in the world, but in the case of the Canadian man talked about at the bottom of the article, he was held for 3 hours and didn’t get his laptop returned for 11 days. That is something I am far from OK with.

According to the DHS this is legal because of past legal precedent.  Does anyone else agree this is kinda bullshit? That just because I am within 100 yards of the border doesn’t mean I should lose my 4th amendment rights?